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CAB Abstracts for Veterinary Medicine: About CAB Abstracts


CAB Abstracts covers major areas in the life sciences, including agriculture, animal health, food science, human nutrition, and veterinary science. It contains citations from over 9,000 journals, as well as books, reports, patents, and conference proceedings. It was created and is mainted by CABI, an international non-profit organization.

According to a peer-reviewed study*, CAB Abstracts has the most comprehensive coverage of the veterinary literature, making it a critical resource of information for veterinarians.  It is available only by subscription.

*Grindlay, D. J. C., M. L. Brennan, and R. S. Dean. 2012. "Searching the veterinary literature: a comparison of the coverage of veterinary journals by Nine bibliographic databases." Journal of Veterinary Medical Education 39 (4):404-412. doi: 10.3138/jvme.1111.109R.

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