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Modern Greek Studies Library Guide: Language

Resources on Language, History, Philosophy, Religion, Culture, Business, Political Science, Statistics, and How to Begin Research on Modern Greek topics


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Welcome to the Language Resources page of this LibGuide!

Please use the links below for easy navigation to different parts of this page. Each link is accompanied by a brief description. 



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- Translation Studies: Contains links to the databases and guides about translation studies in general.Here you will find links to books (and multimedia) in our catalog, online exercises, and much more. For easy navigation, click the links below to go directly to each section:

- Online Greek Language Resources: Guides to general (grammar) and specific (verb conjugator) online resources.

- Linguist List: Link and description for the Linguist List, a free resource for linguists, including ongoing projects, job openings, conferences, publications, and more. 

Modern Greek Language Lessons, Exercises and Practice: Contains links to active practice exercises. Many of these are transliterated or scanned textbooks that are out of copyright. For newer materials, see the "Library Resources in Greek" box. 

- Rosetta Stone: Link and information about UIUC's subscription to Rosetta Stone. 

Library Resources in Greek: Many of the other resources are in English, about Greek. These books (and audio resources) are all in Greek, and range from easy reader stories to grammar and vocabulary exercises. They are all available through the UIUC library, and each title is linked to the catalog record. 

- Greek Dictionaries: A list of Greek dictionaries available in the UIUC catalog. 

- Greek Language Resources: This is a list of books in the catalog that discuss specific topics in greater depth, particularly linguistics, syntax, or phenomena like prepositions. 

- Greek Language - Basic Information: This is a list of books in the catalog about the Greek language, and its history and development. 

Translation Studies

You can find our full Translation Studies guide here: the guide includes a list of relevant databases and other useful information.

Linguist List

The LINGUIST List is dedicated to providing information on language and language analysis, and to providing the discipline of linguistics with the infrastructure necessary to function in the digital world. LINGUIST is a free resource, run by linguistics professors and graduate students, and supported primarily by your donations.

Rosetta Stone

Logo for Rosetta Stone

The Library subscribes to Rosetta Stone Foundations/ Alternative link, a language learning software. 

If you have trouble entering the database and signing up for an account, contact Paula Carns at If you have difficulties once you set up your account, please use the "Contact Support" option at Rosetta Stone (linked off of the entry page). 

Greek Dictionaries

Online Dictionaries

Greek Language-Basic Information

Online Greek Language Resources

Modern Greek Language Lessons, Exercises and Practice

Library Resources in Greek