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Accents & Dialects for Stage & Screen

This guide is designed to provide an overview of resources available in the libraries relating to accents and dialects.


Understanding the history and culture in which the accent is heard is necessary in order to create an honest representation of a human being rather than a stereotype or caricature. To do this, you'll need to do some background research and look beyond manuals and instructional materials for mastering a particular accent or dialect.

This page collects suggestions for finding articles related to accents and dialects as well as recommended reading and listening to guide you.

Finding Articles

If you're looking for articles - scholarly articles, news articles, as well as interviews and profiles - relating to accents and dialects and their acquisition, try exploring some of the Library's performing arts databases. We've collected several best bets below to get you started.

If you aren't sure what to search by, try some of the keywords listed below and see what you can find!

  • Accents, Accentuation
  • Language, Linguistics, Speech
  • Voice-overs, Voice culture
  • Phonology, Phonetics
  • Dialects
  • Syntax

Selected Resources

Recommended readings:

Recommended listening:

Recommended videos: