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Canadian Cinema: Online Resources

Cinema Studies

waydowntown (Gary Burns, 2000)

Online Databases and Resources

Canada Now: Trailers
British website featuring promotional material on new Canadian feature films

Canadian Film Resources
University of Toronto's guide to Canadian Cinema resources

Canadian Encyclopedia
Comprehensive online encyclopedia on Canada, its culture, history, politics, and everyday life

Canadian Film History
Curated site geared with a focus on history

Canadian Film Online
Comprehensive film database, useful policy information, wide-ranging historical analyses, and thoughtful reviews

Canadian Women Filmmakers
Bilingual online resource dedicated to documenting the work of Canada's women filmmakers

Films du Québec
The films of Quebec, from the origins of cinema to today

Films et Series du Québec
Criticism, reviews, history

The Canadian Movie Database

Réalisatrices Équitables
Bilingual online resource dedicated to attaining equity for women directors in Quebec


My American Cousin (Sandy Wilson, 1985)