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Spurlock Wikipedia Edit-a-thon: Articles and Websites

Resources related to the Spurlock Museum's Wikipedia Edit-a-thon theme of Pueblo women artists from the American Southwest.

Databases and Journals

Example search terms

Tsosie, Victoria                          Romero, Pauline

San Ildesfono                            Native American

Indigenous                                Chavarria, Stella

American Indian                        Navasie, Joy

First Nations                              Mary Tinginio

Pottery                                       Kewa

Ceramics                                   Rafaelita Aguilar

Nampeyo, Carla                        Santo Domingo

Mida Tafoya                               2nd Frog Woman

Lucy Lewis                                Medina, Elizabeth

Water Woman                            Zia 

Dine                                           Santa Clara

Navajo                                       Tewa

Jemez                                        Hopi

Acoma                                       Garcia, Dolores

Pueblo                                       Blackware

Lewis, Lucy                               Toya, Mary

Williams, Lorraine                     Bertha Thunder Florwe Gachupin

Keyword Searching

  • Subject indexing is not perfect. How subject headings or descriptors are applied changes over time and with the individual indexer. Keyword searching can complement searches based on controlled vocabularies.
  • Keyword searching is useful for proper names, brands, acronyms, etc.
  • Keyword searching is useful for innovative concepts and newly coined words.
  • Avoid common words like "pottery"
  • Enclose phrases in quotation marks, e.g. "Native American."
  • A keyword search can lead you to relevant records, from which you can discover the subject terms used in that database.

Use Boolean operators to fine-tune your search

  • Use the AND operator to narrow your search. For example, to find articles about sheet music, try "music AND scores."
  • Use the OR operator to broaden your search or to search for synonyms or related terms. For example, "Santa Clara OR Jemez OR Acoma."
  • Use the NOT operator to exclude topics from your search. For example, "bowls NOT jars."
  • Use the truncation symbol to search for word roots. For example, pot* to find articles about pottery, potters, pots, etc.
    • Different databases use different truncation symbols.
    • The asterisk (*) and the question mark(?) are common ones.
  • Use proximity operators (available in some but not all search interfaces) to specify that words appear near each other but not necessarily as a phrase. For example, "Pueblo NEAR potters"
  • Use pull-down menus (available in some but not all search interfaces) to define the parameters of your search, such as specifying "all these words" or "any of these words."

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