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Spurlock Wikipedia Edit-a-thon: Home

Resources related to the Spurlock Museum's Wikipedia Edit-a-thon theme of Pueblo women artists from the American Southwest.

Welcome to the Edit-a-thon!


The gender gap on Wikipedia is no secret. In 2011, The Wikimedia Foundation found that less than 10% of editors on the platform

A wise woman once said that every say you show up, you re-educate people as to who you are and what you believe inwere women. When we’re not represented in the writing and editing of the stories and records of people like us, the content gets messed up. The stories get mistold. We lose out on the real history. That’s why we’rehere: to change it.

The Spurlock Museum's Fall 2018 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon will focus  on Pueblo women artists from the American Southwest. Of the objects represented at this event, only one artist currently has a Wikipedia entry. 


+ that feminism is a lens we can use to dismantle oppression.

+ in working collaboratively in brave, friendly spaces.

+ that art and open access to educational resources are fundamental to the creation of open societies.

+ that representation matters.

+ that the experiences of women are varied and complex and we value and honor these differences in knowledge.

+ our greatest achievement is a participant walking into a workshop and learning that they can exist on Wikipedia and be a critical part of the protection of information about women like them and women they might not ever fully understand, but believe in.

Edit-a-thon Artists

Artists with no entries:

  1. Elizabeth Medina, Jemez Pueblo, Zia Pueblo
  2. Dolores Lewis Garcia, Acoma Pueblo
  3. Mary Ellen Toya, Jemez Pueblo, Water Clan
  4. Mida Tafoya, Santa Clara pueblo
  5. Joy Navasie (2ndFrog Woman), Hopi-Tewa (Reference)
  6. Stella Chavarria, Santa Clara (Reference)
  7. Pauline Romero, Jemez
  8. Cynthia “Starflower” Dunlap Watts, San Ildefonso
  9. Rafaelita Aguilar, Kewa, Santo Domingo
  10. Carla Claw Nampeyo, Hopi-Tewa
  11. Carmelita Dunlap, San Ildefonso
Artists with entries to edit:
Lucy M. Lewis, Acoma Pueblo

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