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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

FIN 390: Finance Academy

created by Becky Smith & Erik Rebain

Company Information Research Flow Chart

Visual depiction of a BIS Librarian's suggested search strategy for finding company information using the Three Easy Steps to Find Company Information.

For resources under each step, visit the Three Easy Steps to Find Company Information.

Company Research Resources

Company Profiles in Subscription Databases Often Contain the Following:

  • Revenues (either estimated for private companies or from filings)
  • Top Executives & brief bios
  • Lines of business –

aka Industries (either NAICS or SICs)

What it does ( makes, services or both)

  • Designates if private or public (subsidiary, branch, parent)
  • Competitors (either designated by company or within SIC)
  • Option: financials and background/history
  • Some may have investment analysis
  • Ability to compile lists within an industry, geography, sales range, or stock index

Company & Industry How-to Search YT Playlist

BIS has created a series of YT clips on how to find information on companies using some of the databases mentioned in this guide.  They are designed to get you started in determining if the company is public, private, subsidiary, plus ways to compile list of companies within industries.   The Industry YT's are how to search for basic industry reports.  

Click HERE to go to the BIS Playlist on YT.   The clips are very short and will aid you in navigating through these complex databases.  Remember that a lot of these reports are not found for free on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  

Best Insurance Reports. Property/Casualty & Life/Health

Hoover's Academic Pro

Nexis Uni

In order to download articles, make sure to enable pop-ups for

To search for company profiles, select the company info box on the home page and select Company Profile from the drop-down to search for a company by name.



Users can search by Company name or keyword in the top search bar.

Under advanced search options, found by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the left hand side, you can search by term, geography, keyword, revenue, ownership, and more.



Value Line Investment Survey

Value Line Investment Survey

Includes reports about stock performance, historical trend data and projections for over 1700 companies, as well as evaluation and analysis of industries. For your convenience, the printed reports are divided into 13 folders. There is an index folder to aid in locating the reports.

Each report is one page in length and includes: estimates for 3-5 years, quarterly sales, EPS, and dividends; projected price, appreciation, dividend yield expected, insider decisions to buy or sell, and Value Line ratings for timeliness, safety, and beta. Beta is based on the NYSE Composite Index over a period of five years, and they are adjusted for their long-term tendency to converge toward 1.00.

Reports are available online back to 1997.  Click on Historical Archives under quick links on the right side of the screen to search for the historical report PDFs. The History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library and Oak Street Facility also have microform of historical reports.

To start a quick search for company information, use the search box on the top right corner.

Wall Street Transcript

The Wall Street Transcript

This resource provides market analysis and coverage of economic trends through interviews of analysts, company chairmen, CEOs, and other executives. Often, TWST will dedicate significant space a given issue to one or two industries, such as health care or security and defense.