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ACE 435 - Guide for Research in Agribusiness

This guide showcases resources and research tips for locating information on companies and commodities. Created by Becky Smith and Sarah Williams

What is Research Management?

Research management is a way to organize your research and keep track of your references and documents/spreadsheets in one place in order to save you time.

  • During the research process, whether for a class assignment or in your business life, having a research management plan is important. Below are tips about how to effectively store your research so it doesn't get lost, keeping track of all the sources you looked at and how to easily turn your sources into citations. 
  • Do the research in various databases.  Use/mark the most relevant articles, then e-mail them to yourself.   
  • Keep the documents/citations in a safe spot.  Many use google drive, but Box is one of the better ones and is free to use while you are a student.  
  •  Do keep your work in more than one place.  Nothing more frustrating to discover the night before the project is due that your articles, word documents, slide decks, and spreadsheets are on one thumb drive that was left  somewhere else; that's why cloud services are handy.
  • Supply attributions to where you got your information/data (such as :  "Informercials: US Trends" Source: eMarketer, April 2017  (or use a citation styles, such as Baker Library/HBS Citation Guide. Click on link, then PDF to see the guide)

U of I Box Free Cloud Storage

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The University of Illinois has partnered with the cloud storage system Box. Students, faculty, and staff have access to 50 GB of secure online storage.

For more about how to use Box, please see the following pages:

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