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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

A Guide to the HathiTrust Research Center

An introductory guide to the tools and resources of the HathiTrust Research Center.

Savvy Researcher Resources

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Visit Hathi Trust Research Center (HTRC)

  • This page contains: a brief overview of the HTRC's collections and tools, tutorials and documentation, HTRC Github to review the code that makes it run, news and updates, papers and presentations, and conferences and meetings. You can also learn more about the HTRC's governance, organization, access and use, timelines and deliverables, partnering in research, and the non-consumptive use policy. 

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Resources at the University of Illinois

Resources at the University of Illinois 

UIUC Digital Humanities

  • Learn more about digital humanities at the University of Illinois

Humanities Research Institute (HRI)

  • The HPI fosters interdisciplinary study in the humanities, arts and social sciences at the University of Illinois.

Hathi Trust Research Center User Requirements Study White Paper 

Dickson, Eleanor F.; Green, Harriett, E.; Nay, Leanna; Courtney, Angeloa; McDonald, Robert.

Abstract: This paper presents findings from an investigation into trends and practices in humanities and social sciences research that incorporates text data mining. As affiliates of the HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC), the purpose of our study was to illuminate researcher needs and expectations for text data, tools, and training for text mining in order to better understand our current and potential user community. Results of our study have and will continue to inform development of HTRC tools and services for computational text analysis.

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