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Spanish Language: A Learner's Guide: Learning grammar

Online Sources

Study Spanish --  A lot of free lessons, tests, and quizzes, though it is membership based. 

SpanishDict --  Lots of lessons that teach you Spanish grammar. There's also questions to test your knowledge. This website not only has this grammar section, but many more valuable resources. 

Spanish Verbs

A number of websites provide verb tables and exercises. A few are:

Spanish Verb Forms Prof. Fred Jehle has created a page with conjugations of the most common Spanish verbs plus related resources.

Spanish Verb Conjugations --a list of the most common Spanish verbs with full conjugations.

Study's verb lessons -- a guide with conjugations, drills and quizes organized by types of verbs.

Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer -- a JavaScript-Tool to practice the different forms of the most important basic and irregular Spanish verbs.