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Catalan Studies: Media


Catalan News Agency English site of the Agència Catalana de Notícies (ACN), the publicly owned news agency of Catalonia ("About us")

World Newspaper Map  For Catalan newspapers click on 'Filter by Language' and select 'Catalan'


In all the terriitories where Catalan is used  there is access to an impressive and exciting array of media including newspapers (both in print and online), TV, and radio. News of local, national, and international importance are being constantly delivered in Catalan, and freedom of speech guarantees that all the voices in the social and political spectrum are adequately represented.

Resources -General

Guia Online de Mitjans -Online Guide of Media in Catalan (search by  type, region, city, and topic)

Mapa de Mitjans de Catalunya -Online Map of Media in Catalonia (journalism & communication lab, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Cercador de Revistes -Searcher of Magazines

Col.legi de Periodistes de Catalunya -Society of Professional Journalists of Catalonia

Premsa Comarcal -Association of Regional Press in Catalan

Federació de Mitjans de Comunicació Locals de Catalunya -Federatioin of Local Media of Catalonia

Xarxa Audiovisual Local -Network of Local Audiovisual Media

VilaWeb  -Electronic Newspaper created in 1995; first electronic newspaper in Catalan in number of readers and in public recognition. (English Version)


Catalan News Monitor