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Catalan Studies: Sci. & Philos.

Science & Philosophy

Scientific and philosophic production in Catalan is an important aspect of Catalan culture and there's important figures deserving mention in this page. A large proportion of the production by these figures was originally written in Spanish, but the Catalan origin of the authors makes it fall under the category of Catalan science and philosophy.



Catalan Scientific Policy 

Associació Catalana de Comunicació Científica


Catalan Thinkers -List Compiled by the Generalitat de Catalunya

Catalan Trends -List of trends of thought compiled by the Generalitat de Catalunya

Filosofia Catalana 

FiloXarxa: Autors, Conceptes, Textos -Catalan dictionary of philosophers, concepts, and texts

Filòpolis -Philosophy in Catalan for beginners

Filoètica -Philosophy and Ethics in Catalan for beginners

Filosofia i Pensament -

Pensadors -Alphabetic list of Catalan philosophers

Group IREF -Group for Innovation and Research in Philosophy Teaching


Historia de La Filosofia -History of Philosophy in Catalan

La Classe de Filosofia

Philosophy -Figures

Ramón Llull (1232-1316)

Jaume Balmes (1810-1848)

Eugeni d'Ors (1881-1954)

Josep Ferrater i Mora (1912-1991) 

Eugenio Trías (1942-2013)