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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Poetry and Short Stories: Reviews and Criticism: Advanced Search

Why Advanced Search?

Advanced Search enables you to search through the library catalog using multiple keywords and limiters.  It is most effective when you need to use more than one search term and need more detailed search options than those offered in Basic Search. To do an Advanced Search, start by clicking the Advanced search link in the online catalog:

Type each of your search terms or phrases in the white search bars and use a separate line for each type of search term:

Then click on the drop down menus to specify the fields where the catalog should search for your terms: You can search by Keyword, Title, Author, Subject,or ISBN/ISSN.


After you type in your search terms, you can then use Limits to make your search as narrow and targeted as possible.  When you set limits, the catalog only searches for records that match the criteria that you set  and thus you can find exactly what you need. In the Advanced Search screen of the library catalog, you can set limits with several choices:

Publication Date (hold down the CTRL key and then click on multiple date options):  This allows you to select specific dates or date ranges for materials (i.e., 1800-1850).


Language (hold down the CTRL key to select multiple languages): THis allows you to select specific language(s) in which the materials are published.


Version: This is enables you to select the print or electronic version of an item, or both.


Format:  This enables you to limit your results to certain types of formats (i.e., if you only want a music recording or video):


Limits are also available in most journals databases, and are a useful option to make your searches as efficient as possible.