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Poetry and Short Stories: Literature Criticism Online

Scope of Coverage

What Literature Criticism Online covers:

Literature Criticism Online is one of the best places to start your research becuase it provides in-depth overviews of authors and their works, and also features numerous excerpts from major articles and books of criticism. Literature Criticism Online includes most of Gale's prominent reference series, including:

  • Contemporary Literary Criticism
  • Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism
  • Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism
  • Shakespeare Criticism
  • Literature Criticism from 1400-1800
  • Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism
  • Poetry Criticism
  • Short Story Criticism
  • Drama Criticism
  • Children's Literature Review



The articles in Literature Criticism Online are in English.

Dates of Coverage

Literature Criticism Online covers all time periods.

Full-Text Access

Full text is available for most articles in Literature Criticism Online, but some articles are abbreviated due to copyright restrictions. If you need a truncated article, please check the Online Library Catalog for the print volume's location.

Additional Help

If you have questions, don't hesitate to Ask a Librarian for help!


Once you have executed a Basic or Advanced Search, you may find it useful to narrow your results using the limits provided in the column on the left-hand side of the results page.


You may use one or more of the following limits to narrow your results:

Content Types: allows you to limit results to a certain genre of content, such as Literature Criticism, Biographies, or Reviews.

Analyze: provides access to the Term Frequency and Topic Finder tools.  See the examples below for more information on how to use these features.

Limit Search by: is a function that lets you search within the results of your initial search.

Subjects: provides suggestions of subject terms to narrow your search.

Person - About: allows you to limit results by the name of a relevant person.

Author: allows you to limit results by the name of a relevant author.

Publication Title: allows you to limit results to content found in specific journals.

Document Type: allows you to limit results to certain types of resources, such as essays, articles, lectures, and reviews.

Tips for Searching Literary Criticism Online

Basic Search vs. Advanced Search
Basic Search in Literary Criticism Online allows you to search for a key term or phrase using the search bar on the main page.

If you have too many or irrelevant results, try Advanced Search: Advanced Search will allow you to search a number of different fields in a number of different lines, narrowing the focus of your search.  Each search field defaults to a keyword search, but you can easily select another option from the list provided.


In Advanced Search, look under "More Options" for additional ways to narrow your search.

Term Frequency

The Term Frequency feature allows you to see how often a term has been used in the scholarly literature over time.  To begin, simply enter a word or phrase in the search bar.  You may compare multiple terms by using the "Add row" feature.


The tool will generate a graph showing usage frequency by year.  Click on the graph points to access the results for each year.