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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Scholarly Commons Scanners: Spirit Book Scanner

This guide provides instructions for using the scanners in the Scholarly Commons (Main Library 306)

Spirit Book Scanner

Spirit Book Scanner Image

Quick Scan with Basic Interface

  • The basic interface saves to PDF by default
  • Insert USB thumb drive into red USB port to the right of the screen
  • Position book so that both pages are upright and visible on screen
  • Press one of the green buttons at the sides of the scanner base to scan pages
  • By default both the left and right page will be saved as one image
  • To scan more images press green button again
  • To save pages to the USB drive, press the Finalize button

Expert Modus Interface

File Types

  • File type is set using the green button to the right

Scanner Multiple Pages to One File

  • Scan and combine multiple pages by pressing “Multipage Start”
  • Save multipage scans by pressing “Multipage End”

Adjust Color and Brightness

  • Set the color with buttons at the right
  • Press the buttons on the bottom of the screen to adjust brightness

Splitting and Framing Pages

  • The split option separates each page automatically
  • The framing option can be used to select portions of one or both pages to save
  • The “Full Size” button sets the image to include the full field of view of the
    scan camera