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Guide to Literatures and Languages Databases: Home

Article Citation

Do you already have the full citation for the article you're looking for?  Then use our Journal and Article Locator.  Simply copy and paste the citation to find the full text of the article.

General Databases

In addition to the databases featured in this guide, there are a number of general humanities databases that may be useful as well.  Ask a librarian if you need help with any of these databases!


Accessing Online Resources

The primary entryway for accessing online resources is the Find Online Journals and Databases page of the library website.This page allows you to search both journals and databases by title, ISSN, and vendor, and provides an option to search journals by subject area. (To perform a database search by subject, click on Databases by Subject link beneath the subject search fields).

If you've already located a record for an article or resource that you'd like to access online, you can often find the "Discover Full Text" button

beneath the catalog record; if so, the full-text of your desired resource may be a few clicks away.

Print vs. Electronic

The Library has both print and electronic journals:  Most print journals for literary studies are held in the Literatures and Languages Periodicals Area.  The LLL Periodicals Area is located on the south end of the Main Reading Room, just outside of the Literatures and Languages Library entrance, and more information is here. Current issues (usually the past year) are available in this room, and volumes of older journal issues will be found in the Main Library Stacks or the off-site Oak Street Library Facility.

But you will most likely find your journal articles in our electronic databases.  Therefore, this section focuses on the most comprehensive and useful databases for research in English literature. These databases feature citations (and sometimes full-text) for journal articles, books, book chapters, and multi-media that can be useful for your research.


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