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Seasonal Guide: Winter: Home

This seasonal guide outlines just some of the resources available at the Funk ACES Library on all things winter!


This seasonal guide provides just some of the resources available at the Funk ACES Library, and other University Libraries, on all things winter!

Cold; long nights; snow; ice. Many images are brought up with the season between Fall and Spring. It is a time of darkness and departure, as the world prepares for new life.  In spite of the cold and demise, many areas of the world thrive and support life in a constant frozen state.  In the Northern Hemisphere, winter runs from mid-December, the Winter Solstice, and shortest day of the year, to mid-March, the Spring Solstice.  Animals and plants have adapted to the effects of the season and humans have created mythology as their own sort of defense of the winter.

Here at ACES Library, we house many volumes on different aspects of the frigid season and those chilled areas throughout the year.  Please enjoy our guide to the familiar and extraordinary elements of Winter. 


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