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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Architecture: History: Finding Books

Resources on architectural history.

Catalog Search Fields

If you're having trouble finding results in the Library Catalog, try changing the field in the search bar.

the library catalog search bar

For example, a keyword search will usually bring up a lot more results than a subject search.

a keyword search for islamic architecture showing 1237 results


a subject search for islamic architecture showing 785 results

Advanced Search

A good way to narrow a wide search is by using the Advanced Search feature in VuFind.

By entering certain search terms as "Keyword" and others as "subject", "title", author", etc, you can limit search results further than just entering all terms as keywords.

For example, you might search "Frank Lloyd Wright" as a subject, and "Marion Mahony Griffin" as a keyword, in order to find items that have Wright as a subject but also deal with Griffin in some way.

Or you might search "architecture China" as a subject with "ancient" as a keyword:

Other Tips

  • If you only want results that include the entire phrase you are searching for, try putting the phrase in quotes (ex. "architectural theory")
  • If you're not sure how a word is spelled or you want to find results that include multiple versions of a word, use an asterisk to replace those letter(s) (ex. librar* to return results for library and libraries)


Architectural History Search Terms

Subject Terms

To locate books on your topic consider using subject search terms, such as "architectural history" plus a word or phrase that describes your topic. For example:

Architecture history Venice

Architectural history China

Architecture history Baroque


Other topics frequently searched are architects. You can search by last name or full name, putting their surname first or given name first:

Frank Lloyd Wright

Brunelleschi, Filippo

Schinkel, Karl Friedrich

Monuments and Structures

You can also search the names of monuments or structures:

Chartres Cathedral

Vatican Palace

Dana House


Narrowing Searches

Another way to narrow searches is by using the "Narrow Your Search" tools in the bar to the right of the search results page in VuFind.

Here you can limit your search by format, location, author, language, subject area, and more: