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Medieval and Renaissance Studies: Find Scores and Recordings

A guide to library resources for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Finding Specific Formats

  • You can include terms like "vocal scores," parts, or libretto in your keyword search.
  • If you specifically want a CD and not an LP, include digital in your keyword search. This eliminates most, but not all, of the LPs.
  • If you specifically want a DVD and not a VHS tape, include "DVD" in your keyword search.

Online Audio

If you want to limit your search to tracks from our online streaming audio resources (this only works for CML and DRAM), you can include the phrases "Classical Music Library" or DRAM in your search. E.g., Brahms and "Classical Music Library" or Cage and DRAM.

You can also search our online streaming resources directly. A list of resources can be found here:


The Library now has access to Music Online: Classical Scores Library. These online scores can also be found through the library catalog. 

Building a Good Search for Music Materials

After You Search

On the results screen you will have more options to limit your search.


Use the Format facet to pick whether you want Music Recordings, Music Scores, Books, etc. But, note that while it will give you options to pick Audio CD, this sub-facet is not accurate and misses many CDs that are in the larger Music Recordings facet,

VUFind Media Facets


Use the "topics" to determine what an item is about or what type of music the item contains. Topics will also tell you if the item contains is a score, vocal score, score and parts, etc. 

VuFind Topics

More information about an item

To see the full contents of an item, you must look at either the "More details" tab, or if there is one, the "Table of Contents" tab.

VuFind More details tab