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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The iMBA's Guide to Digital Business Research

Beyond B School

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  • Career Boot Camp Webinars
  • International Student Webinars

Major Job Databases

Major Job Databases

  • GradLeaders (Need to create an account)


​​Global MBA Job Board for College of Business MBA students.


          Illinois' campus-wide recruiting platform, tens of thousands of jobs and internships are posted here annually.




  • One of the first and most established job searching databases.

  • Can post resumes online for employers to look at.

  • Salary information: data collected from 1000s of HR departments. ("Advice" tab ->"Salary & Benefits)

  • Resume advice.  ("Advice" tab-> "Resumes & Letters"->"Resume Writing Tips")

  • Sample resumes. (E.g. "Financial Analyst," "Entry-Level CPA," or "Investment Banker")  ("Advice" tab-> "Resumes & Letters"-> "Resume Samples")

  • Interviewing. ("Advice" tab->"Interviewing")

Problem: Head hunters can contact you.


  • Utilizes a special search tool that aggregates results from other search engines/databases.
  • Acces to thousands of company career sites and job boards.
  • Curently available in 19 countries.


  • Professional networking tool.
  • Over 60 million subscribers.
  • Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are members.
  • 150 different industries and in 200 different countries. 

Educational Jobs

Description: A major online and print news paper for college and university faculty members and administrators.

Tabs: news, opinion & ideas, facts & figures, topics, jobs, advice, forums, and events

Government Jobs


  • Large number and variety of government jobs in many states and countries.
  • Reasonable wages and salary increases.
  • Easier to get other government jobs once you are in the government system.

Things to Consider:

  • Application process can take a lot of time,
  • might also have to sit for civil service exams,
  • and some positions are competitive.

Nonprofit Jobs

Description: Nonprofit database.More than 1.8 million nonprofit organizations using 12 search fields.


  • A number of company descriptions are empty.
  • Nonprofits provide their mission, programs, leaders, goals, accomplishments, and needs-free.

Special Features: Some reviews provided.

Note: Most of the information is not free.

Description: Evaluates the financial health of over 5,500 of America's largest charities.

Special feature: Some 990 IRS forms (forms that nonprofits must submit to the government) are free. 

H1-B Visa Sponsors


  • A list of companies and institutions that have hired people with green cards and H1-B Visas.
  • Relevant metrics include ranking, number of people hired, and salary information.