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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Alexander Street Press

Illinois subscribes to Alexander Street Press's award-winning online collections, including streaming video, audio, and other multimedia for scholarly research, teaching, and learning.


There are many features of Alexander Street Press databases that were designed with faculty in mind, such as:

  • Creating permalinks to share with your students
  • Creating an email list that you can reuse, and emailing links to your playlists from ASP
  • Embedding videos or playlists in your learning managements system
  • Hiding the metadata of playlists for testing your students in Music (Note: the metadata will still always be visible to you.)


Be aware that when emailing from ASP, you must use the email addresses that students used to sign up for their accounts in order for students to have access to the playlists.

Students can sign up for multiple accounts, but they must use a unique email address for each.

Languages and Subtitles

For international students who may be more comfortable reading in their native language, there are many languages to choose from besides English. You can select the language from a dropdown menu below the Navigation. Transcripts will be displayed in the language selected, but other learning objects will not, including documents.

Subtitles are also available in addition to the transcripts for select videos that have the "cc" symbol. Click on that symbol to turn subtitles on.

Features with Playlists

Once you have created a playlist, you can get a permalink or embed the playlist/video player in your learning management system. You can also change your playlist options, including whether or not to show the metadata. For example, you can hide the metadata if you are having students identify pieces of music. Be aware that the metadata will still be visible to you even though it is hidden from your students.

Editing Playlists

On the edit page you can:

  • Hide metadata
  • Choose who can see your playlist
  • Add descriptions to each work