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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Alexander Street Press

Illinois subscribes to Alexander Street Press's award-winning online collections, including streaming video, audio, and other multimedia for scholarly research, teaching, and learning.

About the Video Player

The tabs to the right of the Video Player are:

  • Details - Where you'll go for information for your citations
  • Tracks (and Chapters) - You can shuffle these using the "Shuffle" icon in the Video Player.
  • Transcript - Search or jump to a particular place in the video using the transcript.
  • Clips - You can see any clips that have been created and shared publicly for the video.
  • Supplemental Material

In the bottom Video toolbar beside the standard buttons, there are buttons to:

  • Create custom clips (Scissors)
  • Create one click clips (Bookmark)

Don't forget to watch the video in full screen mode if you don't need the transcript.

List Versus Playlist

It is important to keep in mind that there is a difference between your saved items (your "list") and items in a playlist. When you select an item and add it to your list, it is not yet in your playlist. You must go to your list (by clicking on "[#] Items Selected" in the upper right hand corner of the screen, below the menu bar) and choose "Create a Playlist" in order for those list items to become part of a playlist.

By default your list will then be cleared of the items that are in your playlist, to avoid duplication of items later. If you want them to stay in your list, you can uncheck that box.

Video Player Options

There are different options for viewing videos using the Video Player. There are options for viewing the video with the transcript below the video and viewing the video full screen, without the transcript or menus. The default is for the transcript to be on the right side of the video.

You can also:

  • "Cite" the video
  • Email or share it,
  • Add it to a list or playlist
  • Embed it/get a permalink

Video Player Tutorial

Once you are using the video player, you can switch between tracks or sections of the video and the written transcript of the dialogue. These options are on the right hand side and are circled in the screen shot below.

Also circled in red in the screenshot below are the icons representing options for doing several things within the video player:

1. Clipping segments of video, which can later be added to your list

2. Bookmarking segments of video, which can later be added to your list

3. Opening a "scene select" menu, which allows you to see stills from various points of the video

Video Tools

Creating Clips

To create a clip, first find the starting and ending points for your clip. The easiest way to do this is to click in the transcript a little before where you want the clip to start and make note of the time when the video reaches the place where you want the clip to start. Do the same for the ending point.

Next, click on the scissors icon. If you are not already signed in, ASP will prompt you sign in at this point.

Once you are signed in, you will see fields for Start, Finish, Title, Notes, and Visibility appear below the Video Player. Type the starting and ending times that you want into the "Start" and "Finish" fields. (Note: You can also drag the flags to approximate starting and ending points. However, the times are not as accurate when the flags are moved.)

Finally, do not forget to change the visibility if you want others to be able to view the clip, not just you.

How to make a clip

Once your clip has been created, it will appear under "Clips" in the menu bar to the right of the screen, where the transcript is displayed. Then, you may add your clip to your list in order to be able to later add it to a playlist. You must click on the (+) icon that appears at the far left, next to the title of the clip. (Clicking "Add to playlist" or "Add to selected items" below the Video Player will add the entire video to your list or playlist, not the clip.)

How to save a clip

Creating Bookmarks

Creating a bookmark is basically the same as creating a clip, except the starting point is anywhere in the middle of the video, and the ending point is the very end of the video. Click on the bookmark icon, and drag the yellow bar to the point where you want the bookmark. The bookmark will immediately appear under "Clips" to the right of the Video Player. 

Saved bookmark