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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Alexander Street Press

Illinois subscribes to Alexander Street Press's award-winning online collections, including streaming video, audio, and other multimedia for scholarly research, teaching, and learning.


Once you have a created a playlist,  you can:

  • Reorder the items
  • Add descriptions
  • Add external links
  • Make a copy, if you want another one that's similar
  • Change the visibility so that it the playlist is available to:
    • Only you
    • Only your class or group
    • Everyone at Illinois
    • Everyone

Playlist Features

You can add any type of content found in ASP to your playlist, as well as external web links that you input yourself.

To get to your playlists, simply go to "Playlists" in the navigation pane. You must log in to view playlists that are visible to you only and to view playlists that are visible to your group or class. Click on the option that applies to the playlist that you need to access, then select the playlist that you want to work with.

Editing Playlists

Once the playlist is displayed on the screen, you must switch to "edit" mode to take advantage of playlist features. Click "Edit this page" to switch to edit mode.

Once you are in "edit" mode, you can:

  • Reorder the items in your playlist by clicking on the titles and dragging them where you want them to be.
  • Add external web links to your playlist. Click on "Add an external web link" and add a title and description if you'd like.
  • Change the visibility so that anyone can see it, only people at Illinois can see it, or only your class or group can see it.
  • Add descriptions to other items in your list.
  • Hide the metadata for your items.
  • Make a copy of your playlist and add to or edit it.