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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Alexander Street Press

Illinois subscribes to Alexander Street Press's award-winning online collections, including streaming video, audio, and other multimedia for scholarly research, teaching, and learning.

About ASP Navigation

You may browse the databases by:

  • Discipline - subject specialties (which are broader than collections). Each discipline or sub-discipline draws material from one or more collections.
  • Collections - subject-specific resources
  • Titles - gives you many options for refining your search, as well as select multiple disciplines at once. You can also do this in advanced searches.
  • Publishers - for experienced users who may be familiar with publishers of multimedia content.
  • Playlists - see featured playlists by other users
  • Clips - see featured clips by other users

If you have an account, you have the option of filtering playlists by ones that you created or that are available to your class or group as well.


Illinois has access to over 40 Collections. The Collections drop-down menu looks like this:

Browse ASP

Each collection has different facets to be used for browsing. A facet is like a category, and it is often divided into subcategories. The more facets you click on, the narrower the results. Below is a screenshot of LGBT Thought and Culture.

LGBT Thought and Culture Page

If you select "Series/Periodicals," you will see a screen with this menu of facets for further refining your search.

LGBT Series and Periodicals Page



You can browse the collections by Discipline (or sub-discipline). Disciplines and sub-disciplines are broader than collections. Each discipline or sub-discipline draws material from one or more collections, and there is overlap among some of the disciplines.

Explore by Disciplines

To find out which collections are included in a particular discipline or subdiscipline, select one of them and navigate to it. Pictured below is the page for the discipline Diversity. You can see what collections are included within that discipline. Also, the discipline and sub-discipline pages always feature Editor's Selections.

Collections in a Discipline