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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Digitization Services

DS Policies and Procedures for External and Internal Library Reproduction Requests

Request Process Step by Step Overview

  1. Library or patron complete correct form (patron form or internal library request form)
  2. DS corresponds with patron or library about request
  3. DS resolves copyright, cost estimate reference or digitization questions.
  4. DS bills patron (if applicable) – DS copies library and business office (no charge for internal library request
  5. DS and library coordinate delivery of content to lab.
  6. DS digitizes material and then Library Unit picks up material
  7. Business office receives payment
  8. DS shares files via Box with patron and library
  9. DS ships reproductions (if applicable)
  10. DS ingest content into repository (if applicable)


Guidelines for Reproduction Services for Library Materials


**Note - In most cases, the University of Illinois does not hold the copyright or other intellectual property rights of items in its collections.  It is the user’s responsibility to obtain any permissions which may be required for subsequent publication or distribution of these materials. The Library’s provision of a reproduction, whether in print or digital media, does not constitute permission to publish.


**Note a change to our process:  DS now has 2 separate forms for External Patron requests and internal library requests.  This is to help manage the queue efficiently.


**Note: There is a different form for our Digitization Project Proposal form.  This should only be used for smaller requests - not larger collection digitization projects.


Patron Reproduction Request Form

This form is only for external patron requests ONLY.  This form should be completed by a library placing request on patron’s behalf or by a patron directly.

Who can use this form?


Internal Library Reproduction Requests ONLY

This form is for internal library requests to include digitized content for library exhibit or for library unit purposes.  This also can include digitizing content for a donor. This is for smaller request and reproductions. 

Who can use this form?


Placing a Request

  • If you have questions before or after placing a request email Digitization Services at  All DS staff see this. 
    • Applies to internal library requests for prints or digitization for exhibits
    • Applies to external patron requests.
  • Normal turnaround time is 3 weeks.  Our request queue is unpredictable. We prefer to under promise and over deliver.
    • If we are swamped or it’s a large request we will contact you to discuss timeframe
    • We can negotiate our schedule, however requests are handled 1 or 2 days per week.
    • Please make a note in the appropriate field on the form if this is a rush request


Delivery of Content

DS delivers different content for patrons and library units via We share content with patrons via

  • DS will share content via library server (library must arrange for this service with DS)



DS names the files delivered to patrons differently than files delivery to libraries. Not all patrons are familiar with our terminology and we get questions about the kinds of files we provide.  See the description below for more info:

  • Files for patrons:
    • hi_res  (contains standard preservation file)
    • scaled_tif (contains standard access tif file)
    • scaled_jpg  (contains 400 DPI, sRGB, 8-bit)


  • Files for library units:

preservation (contains standard preservation file)

access (contains standard access files)

access_jpg (contains 400 DPI, sRGB, 8-bit)

exh_print_hi_res (for large scale printing/exhibits)


Invoicing and Payment for Patron Requests

  • Please advise patrons against sharing credit or account information via email.  We insist patrons pay and only share payment info over the phone directly with the business office.  Eileen Schroeder is our current contact. (
    • We will provide cost estimates
    • indicate estimate is needed in “Additional Notes” field  of patron request form
    • Provide email of patron if we are sending the quote directly to them.
    • DS provides access to content after patron has paid invoice through business office
    • DS starts the requests before payment is received.  This improves turnaround time.  If you prefer to wait for payment let us know.
    • DS will send invoices via email only.  We can send them directly to patrons for you.  If you prefer to bill the patron, please credit DS via the Business Office. If you are handling the billing please let us know as soon as the content is requested so we don’t send an invoice to the patron.
  • Once the form is completed DS will contact you or the patron.  This will include delivery and pick up of the material, invoicing, contacting patron if it applies. 


Printing and Facsimiles for Library Units and Internal Requests

**Note: If your unit requires a large quantity of prints – and whenever possible, Printing Services is a better option for print reproductions. 


  • Indicate exact size/dimension of the requested print in the additional notes field.
  • Make sure your files if provided are large enough to scale up to the requested size.
  • We do not charge for internal library unit to unit requests. 
  • Please provide sufficient lead time to digitize and/or print content for an exhibit.  Again 3 weeks is best.  For large requests we require more time. 
  • We offer 3 paper choices for internal library requests ONLY - indicate your choice on the form.
    • Semi-Gloss is used for shorter exhibits – lower quality paper
    • Matte Fine Art Paper is used for high quality facsimiles that should last longer
    • Perma-life is best for replacement pages or foldouts in books


Ingest into Preservation and Access Repositories

  • If possible, we like to make digitized content openly accessible for everyone.  Even if only a page is reqeusted by a patron or library, consider digitizing the entire item.  We preference touching objects once, preserving entire objects and providing access to all.  
  • For complete items (entire books, maps, letters) DS will ingest files into the appropriate collection in our preservation and/or access repositories.
  • There is a place at the end of the form to indicate a collection for ingest. 
  • If a collection does not exist in Medusa, the content provider or library must create a collection, and description in Medusa before ingest can occur.
  • If it is going into an access repository like the Digital Library or IDEALS it must have metadata
  • Items must be cataloged if they are going into HathiTrust
  • Content will be name following our file naming conventions
  • Please research copyright status before requesting this content be accessible in our digital collections. 
  • If it is a single one off page, opening, incomplete book or volume but you want it ingested into Medusa, please indicate the collection or create one for it.