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European Union : European Union Resources

Basic information and resources for the study of the European Union.

European Union Resources

  • Europa - Web-site of the European Union
  • EUR-lex - Access to European law resources including the Official Journal and laws sorted by subject area.
  • Eurostats - The mother lode of statistical resources directly from the European Union. Tables, data, and publications are available. Also look at Euroindicators while you are there. The Statistics of the Week include a variety of reports and presentations.
  • UIUC European Union links - connects you to a wide variety of full-text and statistical resources from and about the European Union and the world.
  • Eurobarometer - This website provides access to public opinion polls run by the EU since 1973 related to citizenship, enlargement, and more.
  • European Values Study - The study has been updated occasionally since the early 1980s and deals with questions regarding European attitudes towards morals and religion, politics, work and leisure, and relationships. This will also lead you to the World Values Survey.
  • ENDSEurope - Environmental news and information service covering Europe.

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European Union Institutions