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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

CAB Abstracts for Veterinary Medicine: Basic Search

Getting full-text articles

To access the full-text of an article, go to CAB Abstracts through the library website.

From the search results screen, use the Discover (UIUC) link.

Discover link

Global Health

UIUC has CAB Abstracts bundled together with Global Health via the Web of Science Platform. Global Health covers the public health literature.

If you wish to search only CAB Abstracts, deselect Global Health under "More Settings" below the main search box.

More settings


Keyword Searching

Topic Search

To do a topic search, simply enter one or more of your search terms into the search box. "Topic" is the default option for the dropdown menu next to the search box. CAB Abstracts automatically searches for alternate spellings. Use quotes (" ") to search an exact phrase.

      Example:   horse "west nile virus"

Author Search

To search by author name, select "Author" from the dropdown menu next to the search box.  Enter the last name followed by initials without punctuation.  For citations from 2002 forward, you can search using the full first name.

      Example:   clayton hm      or      clayton hilary m

Other Keyword Searches

Search by other parameters such as Title, Publication Name, and more by clicking on the dropdown menu next to the search box.  You can add additional rows by clicking "Add row" in order to add other parameters to your search.  

Intro to Searching CAB Abstracts in Web of Science

Video tutorial for searching all databases in Web of Science, including CAB Abstracts.