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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

North Korean Juvenile Literature Collection

This guide showcases the North Korean Juvenile Literature Books owned by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

조선 옛 이야기 그림책 Chosŏn yenniyagi kŭrimch'aek (Picture Books of Old Chosŏn Stories)

This is a compilation of picture books in the조선 옛 이야기 그림책 (Picture Books of Old Chosŏn Stories)series. Included in this series are well-known Korean folktales such as효녀 심청 (Dutiful Daughter Sim Ch'ŏng), 금도끼와 쇠도끼 (The Gold Ax and an Iron Ax)and other stories that may be unfamiliar to South Korean children’s literature. A reader of Hangul may notice a slight language difference in grammar and word choice between Hangul (Korean used in South Korea) and Chosŏn'gŭl (Korean used in North Korea).

title page of 들쥐와 다람쥐

1.들쥐와 다람쥐

Tŭlchwi wa taramjwi

A Rat and a Squirrel

title page of 효녀심청


11. 효녀심청

Hyonyŏ Sim Ch'ŏng

Dutiful Daughter Sim Ch'ŏng


title page of 목침이 약

2. 목침이 약

Mokch'im i yak

Wooden Pillow is the Best Medicine

title page of 삼돌이와 학


12. 삼돌이와 학

Samdori wa hak

Samdori and the Crane


title page of 헛장수


3. 헛장수

Hŏt changsu

A Make-believe Strong Guy


title page of 꽤있는 아이


13. 꾀있는 아이

Kkoe innŭn ai

A Smart Child


title page of 병풍속의 호랑이


4. 병풍속의 호랑이

Pyŏngp'ung sok ŭi horangi

Tiger in a Folding Screen


title page of 농사일을 돕는 개


14. 농사일을 돕는 개

Nongsa il ŭl tomnŭn kae

A Dog Who Helps Farming


title page of 게으른 너구리


5. 게으른 너구리

Keŭrŭn nŏguri

The Lazy Racoon


title page of 신기한 매돌

15. 신기한 매돌

Sin'gihan maedol

A Mysterious Milstone

title page of지주놈의 계약서


6. 지주놈의 계약서

Chiju nom ŭi kyeyaksŏ

The Land Owner's Contract


title page of 금도끼와 쇠도끼

16. 금도끼와 쇠도끼

Kŭm tokki wa soe tokki

The Gold Ax and an Iron Ax

title page of 호랑이와 말도적


7. 호랑이와 말도적

Horangi wa mal tojŏk

Tiger and a Horse Thief


title page of 도적을 잡아낸 소년

17. 도적을 잡아낸소년

Tojŏk ŭl chabanaen sonyŏn

A Boy Who Caught a Thief

title image of 냄새맡은 값


8. 냄새맡은 값

Naemsae mat'ŭn kap

Price for Smelling


title page of 뿔난 너구리

18. 뿔난 너구리

Ppullan nŏguri

A Horned Racoon

title page of 황서방과 황지주


9. 황서방과 황지주

Hwang sŏbang kwa Hwang chiju

Mr. Hwang and the Landowner Hwang


title page of 들쥐가 고른 사위

19. 들쥐가 고른 사위

Tŭlchwi ka korŭn sawi

A Rat Chooses a Son-in-law


title page of 딸랑귀신


10. 딸랑귀신

Ttallang kwisin

A Bell-ghost


title page of 달속의 옥토끼

20. 달속의 옥토끼

Tal sok ŭi okt'okki

The Rabbit in the Moon