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Rap and Hip-Hop Research Resources: Middle Eastern Hip-hop

Suggested Articles

1. Kahf, Usama. (2007). "Arabic hip hop: Claims of authenticity and identity of a new genre." Journal of popular music studies, 19(4). 359-385.

Kahf analyzes hip-hop within the Palestianian context as artists of that region use hip-hop as an outlet to express political and social sentiments, but also as a tool of resistance against Israeli apartheid, occupation, and Western media bias.  

2. Williams, Angela. (2009). "'We Ain't Terrorists But We Droppin' Bombs': Language Use and Localization in Egyptian Hip-Hop." The Languages of Local Hip-Hop: Advances In Sociolinguistics. pp. 67-95.

Angela Williams, Associate Director at the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, wrote an article on local Egyptian hip-hop. The purpose is to show how hip-hop culture as a reflection of the sociopolitical situations and youth movements in the Middle East while also addressing issues understood by the local and global communities through a cultural and youth medium.

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