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Rap and Hip-Hop Research Resources: Latin American and Caribbean Hip-hop

Suggested Articles

1. Dennis, Christopher Charles. (2006). "Afro-colombian hip-hop: Globalization, popular music and ethnic identities." PhD diss., The Ohio State University.!etd.send_file?accession=osu1155174476&disposition=attachment

This dissertation looks into the role of Afro-Colombian youth in hip-hop and how this community uses this genre of music to evoke their struggles as a marginalized group of people. Simultaneously, this article delves into how their experiences molds their cultural and artistic production in contrast to the popular narrative of hip-hop culture within Colombia and the US.

2. Rivera, Raquel Zoraya. (2000). "New York Ricans from the hip hop zone: Between blackness and latinidad." PhD diss., The City University of New York.

Rivera studies the identities that Puerto Ricans must come to terms with, Latino and African, in terms of hip-hop culture which is dominantly African-American. Overcoming social expectations, US Puerto Ricans can easily transition from one community to the other, but they must also deal with the ethno-racial issues that have shaped American hip-hop.

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