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Rap and Hip-Hop Research Resources: Asian Hip-hop

Suggested Books

Suggested Articles

1. Harrison, Anthony Kwame. (2012). "Post-colonial consciousness, knowledge production, and identity inscription within Filipino American hiphop music." Perfect beat: The Pacific journal of research into contemporary music and popular culture, 13(1). 29-48.

Harrison explores Filipino-American youth in California who are challenging the cultural hegememony of America by using hip-hop to challenge the racial stereotypes. The author also addresses the current implementation of a Filipino Studies program in academic institutions in part due to youth culture.

2. Sharma, Nitasha Tamar. (2013). "Marketing MCs: South Asian American Rappers Negotiate Image, Audience, Artistic Control, and Capital." Popular Music and Society, 36:5, 637-658.

Sharma analyzes South Asian American hip-hop artists who market themselves differently based on  ethnicity and corporate statutes, and also hip-hop artists who prefer to pursue a less structured route by building an underground fan base. She also analyzes their process and experiences of entering a genre that is shaped by the black American experience, thus making it more challenging for other ethno-racially diverse communities to become acclimated and accepted into this genre of music.

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