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Digital Humanities in German: Additional Resources

An selection of materials specifically related to DH in German.

Additional Resources

The resources below are other non-English and/or European DH resources. 

Paolo Monella, a post-doc scholar studying digital humanities at the Accademia dei Lincei in Rome, has posted slides, an abstract, and summaries from his talk “L'informatica Umanistica nel mondo: esperienze in corso /Where are the Digital Humanities today?” His slides provide an important overview of digital humanities research centers worldwide. 

The first signers of this manifesto (and, presumably, also the writers) were the participants of the international colloquium “Research Conditions and Digital Humanities: What are the Prospects for the Next Generation?” held June 10-11 2013 at the German Historical Institute in Paris. The short document provides an excellent outline of issues faced by researchers in the digital humanities.