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Digital Humanities in German: German & European Associations

An selection of materials specifically related to DH in German.

European Associations

The ADHO is an umbrella organization for digital humanities organizations around the globe, including the European organization (EADH), Canada, Japan, etc. Their website includes a publications list, initiatives page, conference information, and more. 


DARIAH is the digital research infrastructure for the arts and humanities in Europe. DARIAH seeks to network all of the European arts and humanities data. The news section is particularly helpful for staying current on the European digital humanities scene.


EADH is the broader association that brings together and represents digital humanists in Europe. EADH is much older organization than Germany's DHD, as it was founded in 1973. The website lists publications, conference information, and information about digital humanities in European higher education.

German Associations & Programs

DHD is the relatively new association of digital humanists in the German-speaking world. All members of this association must be members of the broader European Association of Digital Humanities (EADH). Their website is full of useful content: project and publication descriptions, calls for papers, stipend applications, information about German university programs that focus on digital humanities, and more. Information about their annual conference, which first met in 2012, is available at the second link. 

GCDH is the cross-departmental institute of the Georg-August-Universitaet Goettingen that provides infrastructure for digital humanities research. Website contains lots of English language information regarding teaching, research, and events. 

This is the website for the digital humanities grant partnership between our National Endowment for the Humanities and the German Research Foundation. Awardees are required to include international cooperation between German and US institution. UIUC’s own Emblematica Online received three years of funding through this program.

The German Association of Historians has its own working group dedicated to digital history. This website offers a report about their conference in 2013.