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Global Studies: Country Information

Global Studies is a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary subject area that explores the concept of globalization and the interrelationships of peoples and states.

About this page

This page provides links to sources providing country-specific information, such as statistics, maps, political and economic analysis, news, and more.

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Country Information

  • EIU Country Intelligence - Provides quarterly analysis and forecasts of the political, economic and business environment for nearly 200 countries. Quarterly and annual statistics of at least 150 data points. Country Intelligence contains country reports and profiles, risk ratings, licensing and trading information for the new economies, plus G-8 and regional forecasts. An online newsletter, Business Middle East, is also included.
  • Europa World Plus - Combines the Europa World Yearbook and the Europa Regional Survey of the World in an online resource. An absolutely fantastic site for country information including current news on elections, recent events, and even allows you to compare statistics between countries of the world.
  • Political Risk Yearbook - This wide-ranging resource provides information concerning political and business stability in many countries.
  • CIA World Factbook   - Frequent updates - includes map, overview, politics, economics, population, and more. Last section for entry usually includes "transnational issues" including internal disputes.
  • Foreign Information by Country - This Web gateway from the University of Colorado Boulder University Libraries provides an alphabetical list of country and territory guides, as well as a wide range of resources including country profiles, pronunciation guides, and more.
  • List of Foreign Governments - This resource from Northwestern University's  Government and Geographic Information and Data Services Department  provides an alphabetical directory of international government websites.
  • BBC News Country Profiles - These country profiles, compiled by BBC Monitoring, include history, political climate, economic information, and major news outlets for countries, territories, or international organizations.
  • FAO Country Profiles - Facts with an agricultural emphasis.
  • Human Development Reports - Follow the progress of many developing nations through these annual reports from the United Nations Development Program.