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Global Studies: International Security

Global Studies is a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary subject area that explores the concept of globalization and the interrelationships of peoples and states.

About this page

This page contains resources for researching Security & Natural Resource Conflict as a global issue.

Policy Research Centers

  • Chatham House: The Royal Institute of International Affairs - Chatham House's mission is to be a world-leading source of independent analysis, informed debate and influential ideas on how to build a prosperous and secure world for all.
  • Cooperation for Peace and Unity - "Through direct encouragement and participation in active peace building through our training and education programs, CPAU hopes to contribute to the creation of a viable alternative to war and violence, as the first step towards building lasting peace."
  • Council for Emerging National Security Affairs - Mission Statement: "To improve long term national security policymaking by building a cohesive network of talented midcareer professionals across sectors, providing them with ongoing opportunities to learn real world practice from peers and experts across disciplines, and building the preeminent platform for production and distribution of quality midcareeranalysis, research and op-eds into the national security community."
  • National Board of Information Security Examiners - Mission Statement: "[T]o create a suite of certifications that sets the standards for conduct, professionalism, and practice in a range of information security disciplines."
  • Royal United Services Institute - The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) is an independent think tank engaged in cutting edge defence and security research.
  • The Fund for Peace - Mission Statement: "[T]o prevent war and alleviate the conditions that cause conflict."

Departments at UIUC Relating to International Security

  • Department of Political ScienceThe Department of Political Science encourages students to acquire a broad understanding of political science and to pursue selected subfields of the discipline in depth.
  • Department of History - "We are History, your gateway to understanding the origins of the globe's grand challenges and the history of efforts to solve them. Here in History we take great pride and pleasure in applying critical analysis to our knowledge of the past."
  • Department of Global StudiesGlobal Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study that provides a strong foundation in the analysis of contemporary global issues. The requirements of the major enrich, complement, and coordinate departmental offerings with the goals of:

Reference Resources

Reference sources, online or in print, include encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, and directories. These are great starting points for background information about a specific topic.

Law, Military and National Security

  • Digital National Security Archive: Digital National Security Archive identifies declassified US government documents through searching or browsing.
  • Hein Online: Hein Online is a database of US law, regulations, foreign relations, international law, treaties and law reports from subscribed government and university library collections.
  • Military and Government Collection: Military and Government Collection identifies publications, research and content on military, security and governance issues worldwide from 1901 – present.
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Bulletin: The flagship publication of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Published since 1959, the IAEA Bulletin features issues influencing the IAEA and global nuclear developments.

Other Resources

Books on this Topic from the CGS Virtual Bookshelf

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