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Managing Your Work Habits

A guide to help you choose methods and tools for organizing your research and work in meaningful ways.


Organizing your time is vital to productivity and ensuring you make it to obligations and complete projects.

Online calendars make it easier to:

  • schedule recurring events
  • collaborate
  • link email events to calendar (including Zoom meetings)
  • get reminders on your phone

Blocking out time for working on projects can be helpful for prioritizing. Print calendars can be used in combination with online calendars to visualize larger amounts of time (i.e. events happening in one month). It may also be useful to put assignment due dates in a calendar. 

Tip for Calendar Organization

Use these quick tips to make the most of your calendar:

  1. Use color codes to group common activities and tasks
  2. Schedule self-directed project and work time to help stay on track
  3. Build in time for travel, bathroom breaks, and meals
  4. Plan time for leisure
  5. Use notifications and reminders