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RSS Readers / Google Reader Alternatives

Offering alternatives to Google Reader--find the perfect RSS Reader to fit your needs!

What is it?

NetVibes is more than just a reader, it allows you to create a personal dashboard to help keep track of your feeds as well as various social media. This dashboard with a reader will sync across the various platforms you are using. 


NetVibes logo.


Benefits of using NetVibes:

  • All of your news, feeds, and social media in one place
  • Offers Dashboard or Reader view
  • Mobile version available
  • All major browsers supported


Challenges with NetVibes:

  • Premium features (support and analytics) cost extra

How do I get started?

1. Find the personal account by clicking "Sign up for free" in the "I'm just Me" section at the bottom.

2. Create your account, or link your account with your Twitter, Facebook, or Google account.

3. To add RSS Feeds:

  • Copy the feed URL (right click--copy) from the news site or blog you are interested in.
  • Select "+ Add content" button in the upper left corner of the dashboard
  • Select "Reading App," which should be the top left box.
  • Paste the feed URL into the box (right click--paste) or import a feed.
  • Hit Enter or click the plus sign, then select the feed you want.
  • Select which tab you want the feed to appear in, and then click "Add to your dashboard."

Not sure where to find the feed URL?  Look for the RSS symbol RSS icon on your favorite blog or news site.  Want to get the latest articles from a library database via RSS? Learn how on our Current Awareness guide.

4. Using NetVibes:

  • You can view your content through "App" or "Reader" view. Reader is a more traditional RSS feed reader view, while App makes each feed into a widget.
  • The search bar at the top searches your feeds as well as other feeds.
  • You can also play around with views and other settings in your account.