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RSS Readers / Google Reader Alternatives

Offering alternatives to Google Reader--find the perfect RSS Reader to fit your needs!


Flipboard logo.

The Flipboard app allows you to save anything from articles to pictures to create a personal magazine. With plenty of options to share with friends, Flipboard is a fun way to organize content you are interested in. The FlipIt Bookmarklet allows you to save things from a web browser to your Flipboard.

Google Currents

Google Play Newsstand serves as a news aggregator and digital newsstand. With it, you can subscribe to paid or free news sources as well as RSS Feeds.

Other Apps?

In addtition to the apps highlighted on this page, the App Store (iOS/iPad) and Google Play (Andriod) both offer many additional RSS/Reader/News apps.  Some are available for free and some charge a fee.

Free Apps:



The Old Reader (forthcoming)


E-mail it to Me!

Not interested in an App or Reader but still want to get RSS updates?

Try e-mailing yourself the feed!