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RSS Readers / Google Reader Alternatives

Offering alternatives to Google Reader--find the perfect RSS Reader to fit your needs!

What is it?

NewsBlur-- "a personal news reader" --allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds and view the posts in context. This platform offers sharing features as well as opportunities to tag and categorize stories you like.



Benefits of using NewsBlur:

  • Compatible with all major web browsers
  • App available (OSx and Andriod)
  • Shows the original site, not just a text version in Original view
  • Offers 4 different ways to view your feeds: Original, Feed (like Google Reader), Story and Text (text of the article/post)


Challenges with NewsBlur:

  • With Free account--
    • Only 64 saved site
    • 10 stories up to date at a time
    • Not updated as frequently
    • Only public shares

How do I get started?

1. Download the App* or Visit NewsBlur's web site:

Download NewsBlur 

*The following instructions highlight the in-browser version, similar actions are followed in the app version.

2. Click Sign Up and enter in your chosen username, password, and email address and click Create Account.

3. There are two ways to add feeds or sites you want to follow:

First, you can scroll all the way to the bottom left of the screen and select the [+] button. 

  1. Copy the feed URL (right click--copy) from the news site or blog you are interested in.
  2. Click the [+] button.
  3. Paste the feed URL into the box (right click--paste).
  4. Click the "Add Site" button and your feed will be added!

 Add site to feed
Not sure where to find the feed URL? Look for the RSS symbol RSS icon on your favorite blog or news site. Want to get the latest articles from a library database via RSS? Learn how on our Current Awareness guide.

Second, you can click the "Settings" gear to Import Feeds:

Import sites

4. Using NewsBlur:

  • NewsBlur offers several views. Original allows you to see the post in context! Feed is similar to Google Reader whereas Text and Story offer plain text of the article or post.
  • On the left side you see your various subscriptions.
  • Navigate between items in your feed by using the up and down arrows.