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ATLAS.ti : Survey Data

A tutorial to get started with the computer assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) program ATLAS.ti.

Survey Data in ATLAS.ti

The functionality of ATLAS.ti lends itself well to analyzing results of qualitative research like surveys. There are a few steps you will want to take to be successful in survey research.

Preparing Survey Data for Import

Your survey data must be in .xls or .xlsx Excel format (.csv may work as well if the former two do not). There are specific characters you will use to denote which categories correspond to ATLAS.ti concepts. To import survey data, use the following characters in front of the column heading.

  • ! this column defines the document's name
  • ~ this column defines the document's comment
  • ^ this column defines the document's author
  •  & this column defines the document's date. Expects ISO8601 format
  • < Ignore this column. Use this to exclude stuff inserted by the survey tool
  • . Document group from the field name. Currently, the cell needs to contain 1 or yes to be applied.
  • : Document groups from the field name plus the actual cell value
  • # Document groups from field name plus values

Watch a video tutorial on preparing survey data for import. Please note: this video is based on ATLAS.ti version 7, so not all steps will be the same.

Importing Survey Data

Once your Excel file is formatted correctly, navigate to Import/Export > Survey. The import process starts, and may take a while depending on the amount of data in your Excel document.

After your data is imported, it's a good idea to review to make sure everything imported correctly and was assigned the correct category. Refer to the ATLAS.ti Quick Tour for examples of what the import will look like.

Working with Survey Data

Now that your survey research is in ATLAS.ti, you can Code your data with the methods we already discussed.

You can also query your surveys in multiple ways. Especially suited to this type of data is the Code-Document table and the Query tool, covered in the Querying Data section of this guide.

For more ways to analyze survey research data in ATLAS.ti, see this video tutorial on working with survey data. Please note: this video is based on ATLAS.ti version 7, so not all steps will be the same.

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