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Accessibility and Assistive Technology: Podcasts

A resource guide for assistive technology, accessibility, and digital learning tools available at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


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Creating Accessible Podcasts

Why make accessible podcasts?

  • Podcast users often prefer a text version with which to follow along, whether or not they are able to listen to the audio.
  • Audio is not available in all computing environments, and may not be easily used with some assistive technology.
  • Search engines will more easily pick up transcripts, and they are easier to link directly.

Accessible practices to consider:

  • Create and follow a script before recording
  • Include a final transcript in at least one alternate format
  • Add image and link descriptors to all visual content
  • Caption any included video

Helpful Links

Listen to this "Is Your Document Accessible?" Podcast through UW Madison's Division of Information Technology (.mp3 format)

Read the HTML transcript for the above podcast.

Podcasting in Education blog from Jeffrey Frey, of the Rice University Information Technology Department

Two great posts on Frey's blog: