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Accessibility and Assistive Technology: PowerPoint

A resource guide for assistive technology, accessibility, and digital learning tools available at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Microsoft PowerPoint

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Helpful Videos

The Accessible Technology Initiative at California State University offers a fantasic short summary video on PowerPoint Accessibility, with closed captioning.

Watch Summary in a new window,
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Watch ATI's other videos on
specific topics in PowerPoint accessibility.

Nora Scully, San Francisco State University

ATI's video presenter Nora Scully, Accessible Technology Training Consultant at San Francisco State University.

Creating Accessible PowerPoints

Presentation viewers may have many different learning styles and preferences.

Some elements to consider before you finish a project:

  • How is the balance of images, audiovisuals, and textual information?
  • Is alt text present on each image and link?
  • Are the font sizes and slide colors easy to see?
  • In what order are the objects on each slide?
  • Do the ideas and content flow well?
  • Can your presentation be viewed in other formats?

Quick Tips