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Unwarping images using ArcMap

This guide shows how to use ArcMap to transform an image of a curled book into a flat picture. Scanned images of books are often distorted near the binding. This process can correct that.

Saving the transformed image

To create a file you can use with other programs, you need to export it. 

  1. To make the green and red control points disappear before you export the image, select "Update Georeferencing" from the Georeferencing toolbar:

  3. To create a transformed image file that can be used in other programs, select “Rectify…” from the Georeferencing toolbar then save the picture with a new file name:

                         This image used the "3rd Order Polynomial" transformation


  4. Give your file a meaningful name:
    Rectify - Save As

  5. You can also zoom into a portion of the image and save it by going to "File" and then "Export map..."

    This image used the "Adjust" transformation