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SPSS Tutorial: About This Tutorial

This guide provides a general walkthrough of SPSS's basic features.

About this Guide

The guide provides a straightforward and practical introduction to performing statistical tests and using the data visualization tools available in SPSS. For a comprehensive treatment of SPSS, the software ships with excellent documentation and there are other works suggested in the "Further Resources" section. The tutorials in this guide will give new users a quick overview of what functionality is available in SPSS and an understanding of typical workflows and interactions. The tutorials reflect the interface of SPSS Statistics 27 as available through UIUC Anyware. The "Further Resources" section of this guide is a list of online and library references that can be used to expand on this tutorial.

What is SPSS?

SPSS is a data management and analysis software package, maintained by IBM. On the surface it looks a lot like a spreadsheet and performs many of the same functions. Unlike most spreadsheets, however, SPSS provides easy access to a large bevvy of statistical tests and graphics and supports much larger datasets.

Where can I use SPSS?

SPSS is available for use in The Scholarly Commons (Main Library 220), as well as remotely using the UIUC Anyware service, which allows students to access remote software from anywhere on or off campus. Anyware includes access to SPSS Statistics 27 and SPSS Amos.

To access SPSS via the UIUC Anyware service: 

  1. Log into UIUC Anyware with your NetID and password 
  2. Under Desktops, click on General Purpose Machine. You'll be logged into a remote Windows desktop. 
  3. Click on the Windows icon in the lower-left corner of the screen. Look for the IBM SPSS folder. 
  4. Open the folder and click on IBM SPSS Statistics. 



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