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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Exhibits at the Undergraduate Library 2012 to 2013: Charles Schulz

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Charles Schulz

Charles Schulz 

  • Description: This exhibit highlights Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts at the Undergraduate Library.
  • Curators of Exhibit:  UGL Staff: Josh Hankemeier
  • Link to Youtube Video
  • Date: November 2013
  • Individual Pictures of the Exhibit are Below

A Closer Look at the Exhibit

A Closer Look at the Exhibit

Schulz--Whole Case

    Curated by

 Josh Hankemeier

First Peanuts Comic Strip--Oct. 2, 1950
Charlie Brown and Lucy--Football Schulz and Peanuts Charles Schulz
Schulz--Case interior--left You have to be quiet in a library, sir! Schulz--Case exterior--right
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Peanuts Parade A Charlie Brown Christmas
Schulz signature and Snoopy drawing A Boy Named Charlie Brown Pig Pen's Candy2
Schulz--Case exterior--left Around the World in 45 Years Exhibit Case--Exterior--right
Peanuts strips--libraries2 Librarians like to feel needed! Peanuts strips--libraries
The Little Red-haired Girl Lucy's Psychiatric Booth How would you like a gumdrop, Charlie Brown?
Snoopy Festival Schroeder and Lucy Peanuts Treasury
Peppermint Patty--Library book Gospel According to Peanuts Snoopy typing
Complete Peanuts--Vol. 1 Snoopy--World War I Flying Ace Complete Peanuts-Vol. 9
What is Security, Chuck? Complete Peanuts-Vol.12 Beethoven's birthday
Complete Peanuts-Vol. 13 Dancing Scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas Complete Peanuts-Vol. 18
Sugar lumps with honey

   This exhibit is decicated to

    Jeff Hankemeier

Pig Pen's Candy
AAUGH!!! Final Peanuts Comic Strip--Feb. 13, 2000 Snoopy's doghouse