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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Exhibits at the Undergraduate Library 2012 to 2013: UFOs

This guide provides video montages and images from monthly exhibits from the Undergraduate Library. See the Exhibit Guide for 2010-2011 at:


 UFO Encounters of the Past and Present

  • Description:  This exhibit highlights topics about UFOs and extraterrestrials at the Undergraduate Library. This exhibit included examples of materials available at the library pertaining to UFOs and aliens.  Some 3D objects are also included in the exhibit.
  • Curator of Exhibit: Josh Hankemeier

  • Montage Created by: Josh Hankemeier

  • Date: June-July 2012

  • Link to Montage

  • Individual Exhibit Pictures are included after the Video

A Closer Look at the Exhibit


A Closer Look at the Exhibit


UFOs and Aliens: Encounters of the Past and Present UFO--Both Cases Curator--Josh Hankemeier
Both Cases--Side View Brussels UFO--March 30, 1990 Alien Agenda
This is an illustration from a book "Ume No Chiri (Dust of Apricot)" published in 1803. A foreign ship and crew were witnessed at Haratonohama (Haratono Seashore) in Hitachi no Kuni (Ibaragi Prefecture), Japan.  According to the explanation in the drawing, the outer shell was made of iron and glass, and strange letters (shown in this drawing) were seen inside the ship.  Illustration of a Nuremburg UFO sighting, April 14, 1561. Held at the Wickiana Collection in the Zurich Central Library.  From a woodcut by Hans Glasser, it appeared in a local broadsheet.  "The globes, crosses and tubes began to fight one another, and this went on for an hour. Then they all fell to earth, as if on fire, and faded slowly away producing a lot of steam. Afterwards a black spear-like object was seen, and the whole event was taken to be a divine warning."
Science of UFOs Alien Magnified Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Above Top Secret and the Roswell Legacy Area 51--Panorama Aliens in the Skies and Project Blue Book Exposed
Area 51--Picture Credits A man under the name of “Victor” smuggled video footage out of Area 51.        “Victor”claims that the footage features a live alien held captive at the base. Area 51 lies in a desolate stretch of land in Southern Nevada.
Area 51--Satellite View The Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada.  This highway is adjacent to Area 51. The Little AleInn Restaurant, located in Rachel, NV.  (Not for from the infamous Area 51).
Dreamland Alien in Container--Close Up Independence Day
Field Guide to Extraterrestrials This Great Airship Mystery
This is a second article about the 1897 Aurora UFO Incident A Windmill Demolishes It:  This article was published in Aurora's newspaper the day of the crash. A Windmill Demolishes It--Part 2
Roswell Daily Record--Tuesday, July 8, 1947. Crashed UFO--Full Shot From the "Roswell Daily Record":  Air Force General says "Army not doing experiments".
Cloaked Alien and Sculpture Roswell--Inconvenient Facts and the Will to Believe Crashed UFO--Innards and Debris
Roswell Daily Record--Wednesday, July 9, 1947 International UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico "Harrassed Rancher Who Located Saucer 'sorry he told about it'."
Crashed UFO--Top View Invisible College Crashed UFO--Metallic Debris
Unplugged on UFOs Crashed UFO--Antennas Dimensions of Enchantment
Crashed UFO--Lights and Wires Wreckage2 Crashed UFO--Side View2
“War of the Worlds” was a radio program about alien     invaders destroying Earth.  Orson Welles read this story on the radio on October 30, 1938.  Several people thought the broadcast was real and believed that they were under attack from Martian invaders. This is one of several people who prepared to fight the “alien invaders” after hearing Orson Welles narrate “War of the Worlds” on October 30, 1938. Some people have claimed to be abducted by UFOs.  During hypnotherapy sessions or séances, some of these people have claimed to understand and write alien languages.
Scientific Study of Alien Implants DVD Alien in Container UFO Story--Mysterious Visitors
Phoenix Lights--March 13, 1997 Visit for reports about UFOs and the paranormal. You can also listen to Coast to Coast on  107.5 WTAX-FM. Kecksburg
UFOs & Abductions This UFO was photographed over Gulf Breeze, Florida in 1987. Dedication