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Japanese Cross Gender Studies: Kabuki

Cross gender studies in the Japanese context

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Kabuki- Dictionary


Books about Cross Gender in Kabuki

Mezur, Katherine. Beautiful boys/outlaw bodies devising Kabuki female-likeness.

Edelson, Loren.  Danjūrō's girls : women on the kabuki stage.

Fujita, Minoru, Shapiro, MichaelTransvestism and the onnagata traditions in Shakespeare and kabuki.

Onoe, Baikō.Oyama no geidan 女形の芸談 

Robertson, Jennifer.  Gender bending in Paradise: Doing "Female" and "Maile" in Japan. 2005. Internationalizing Cultural Studies.

Articles about Cross Gender in Kabuki

West, Candice, Zimmerman, Don H. Doing Genfer. Gender & Society. 1987.

Gender and Body Construction in Edo Period kabuki / Gaila Todorova Gabrovska. Rikkyo Review.

Hyland, Peter. 'A Kind of Woman’: The Elizabethan Boy-Actor and the Kabuki Onnagata. 1987. Theatre Research International.

Isaka, Maki. Women Onnagata in the Porous Labyrinth of Femininity: On Ichikawa Kumehachi I. 2006. US-Japan Women's Journal.