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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

EEBO: an Introduction: Search Results

A guide to searching and using Early English Books Online.

How Do I Interpret My List of Results?

Your results page includes a header and a list of results.

In the header, you'll find information about your search: the terms searched and the number of records returned. From here you can refine your search or sort your results list alphabetically by author, title, or earliest/latest publication date.

Further down on the page, you'll find a list of your results. The checkbox next to each record allows you to build a list of records you'd like to go back to. The compiled list of records you've checked, or Marked List, is accessible from the top of every EEBO page via the link to "Marked List."  If you use the Marked List feature, be sure to print, download or email the list before closing your EEBO session.

The following icons will appear to the left of returned records (not all of these will appear for every record):

  • / : adds/removes this item from your Marked List
    • : Takes you to the full record for a result
    • : Takes you to the document image page (the document itself)
    • : Takes you to the document's illustrations page (if the document includes illustrations - not all of them do)
    • : Takes you to the full-keyed text page for the document (not available for most documents)
    • : Takes you to thumbnails of the document (clicking on the thumbnail image to the left of the record will also take you to this page)