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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

History 352: Europe in the World, 1750 to the Present

A course guide.

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2. Document Collections

3. Government Publications

Colonial Office (Great Britain) Publications


Annual Reports on the Colonies.This microfilm set rearranges the colonial reports by place (instead of date). Our collection includes Basutoland (1890-1938), Bechuanaland (1889-1938), Gambia (1890-1938), Gold Coast (1895-1939), Kenya (1904-1938), Nigeria (1897-1938), Northern Rhodesia (1924-1938), Nyasaland (1904-1938), Swaziland (1906-1938), and Uganda (1904-1938). Additional reports were published in the British Parliamentary Papers (uncataloged--inquire for more information), and are listed in Serial Publications in the British Parliamentary Papers, 1900-1968, pp.22-26.

British and Foreign State Papers. This serial publication (1812-1968), originally produced for use by British diplomats, is a compendium of treaties, diplomatic correspondence, and other information deemed useful to diplomats in conducting their work.

Gambia: 1965

Sierra Leone: 1961

Ghana (Gold Coast): 1957

Nigeria: 1960

Cameroon: 1995

Sudan: 1956

Somalia (British Somaliland): 1960

Uganda: 1962

Kenya: 1963

Tanzania (Tanganyika and Zanzibar): 1961

Malawi (Nyasaland): 1964

Zambia (Northern Rhodesia): 1964

Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia): 1980

Mozambique: 1995

Mauritius: 1968

Seychelles: 1976

Botswana (Bechuanaland): 1966

Swaziland: 1968

Lesotho (Basutoland): 1966

South Africa: 1931, 1994

Namibia: 1990