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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Music 133: Introduction to World Music

This guide can help you begin research into world music. Especially helpful for students in Music 133.

The Basics

Journal articles are often a good place to look after you've decided on a topic (perhaps with the help of some reference tools!).  Journal articles are available in both print and online forms.  How you access them depends on what date ranges and journal titles are available through different online databases and also your personal preference.


There are few journals that deal specifically with ethnomusicology, but many that might be helpful for particular topics of research.  This list is only of journals dealing specifically with ethnomusicology.  You can find others by browsing in the music library or the area studies library most closely related to your research or searching the catalog. 

There are also some journals available online.  There is no specific database that deals with world music journals, but RILMMusic Index, JSTOR, or IIMP can give you a good start.  If you are looking for a particular journal online you can try searching for it on the journal page of the Online Journals & Databases site.  And as always, if you run into any difficulties, ask a librarian.

The journals listed below are shelved by title in the journals area of the library--in the corner by the windows on the left side of the reading area.